TDS ForeSight computer-aided office surveying software helps you analyze, adjust, plot, and manage your field data so you can prepare for your projects next phase. ForeSight's easy-to-use tools help you complete your projects faster and easier--at the office and in the field. ForeSite expanded CAD tools include basic point editing, DTM surfaces, and road layout. You can use ForeSight to produce complete artistic plats, and ForeSight gives you multiple recording and exporting options--including AutoCAD DXF and DWG files. Like TDS Survey Pro, ForeSight was designed for land surveyors, with an intuitive look and feel that works the way you do. ForeSight reads linework commands, automatically draws lines with curves, and directly supports lines drawn in TDS JOB files. Call (562-426-1306) or write for your prices.
  • COMPLETE SET OF COGO TOOLS...lets you perform all of your surveying calculations. Basic tools inlcude inverse in multiple modes, closure report, area and corner angle.
  • 3D VIEWS...ForeSight give you a complete 3D view of your project. You can adjust interval, color, and labeling, and you can even view the surface in 3D with shades and colors (making it simple to check for spikes and holes in your surface).
  • AUTO LINEWORK...Using a TDS data collector such as Recon or Ranger and incorporating linework commands as you go, ForeSight can automatically draw lines with curves
  • DRAFT A PERFECT PLAT...ForeSight gives you all the tools you need to generate a perfect project plat. The Plot Wizard is an easy-to-use-tool that helps you set up your plats, or you can used the Plot Wizard tools individually to creat more advanced plats.
  • EASY POINT better organize your data. Point names define lines and sets of common points quickly. Foresite can both import and export JOB files and ASCII files with alphanumeric point names.
  • OPTIONAL ROAD LAYOUT MODULE...lets you make alignments and generate offsets. You can enter alignments manually or import DXF, DWG, TDS Survey Pro files. Incorporate established road designs into your project by loading data files into your TDS data collector for use in the field. You can even generate a 3D model of the road for volumes and3D viewing.
Foresight DXM is a transfer program that allows you to view, manage, and analyze your data on your PC or laptop. You can view your survey graphically, manage project files, check data for accuracy and completeness, make simple edits, and prepare data for your field survey or CAD development. Use Foresight DXM before your survey as well....enter control data such a geodetic information and control points on you PC to graphically preview the job, then transfer the project to your data collector and head out to the field to collect your data. Error-checking routines help ensure your survey data is accurate and complete. What's more, graphical views allow you to see the data as it was actually laid out. Even if you are using an HP-48GX, Forsight DXM can give you a map view of your project. Check your data with basic COGO tools and use the graphical raw data view with terrestrial or GPS data. You can also adjust data using translate, rotate or scale tools and even modify geodetic systems and localizations to re-adjust coordinates. Foresight DXM lets you export Survey Pro job files and points from your data collector to most popular CAD formats, with all the visible lines and points you created in the field. That same picture can be sent to CAD with all lines intact. Foresight DXM works with virtually all data collectors. Import and export TDS job, coordinate and raw data files, plus TDS point lists, DXF, DC, and text files.

LIST PRICE: $399.00 Call (562-426-1306) or write for YOUR price!

TDS FORESIGHT VS. CONNEX: TDS CONNEX PC data transfer software was designed to allow direct transfer of data from your Nikon Total Station to your PC. It provides for basic file organization and export in .dxf to your CAD program, amongst others. TDS CONNEX has no functionality with the TDS Recon or RANGER, or total stations other than Nikon. The TDS Recon and Ranger packages includes the Microsoft ActiveSync application that allows files to be transfered to your PC; this "mini-program" provides none of the functionality (such as file conversion and data manipulation) afforded by the Foresight DXM program. If you intend to transfer data to your PC or laptop and do anything further with it, you will need to get Foresight or Foresight DXM in conjunction with your Recon or Ranger. The only exception to this is if you want to import data directly into a RECENT version of AutoCAD; you can export from the Recon in the new LandXML format. A note about TDS SURVEY LINK...while still available, Survey Link (also a data transfer program) will soon be phased out and replaced completely by Foresight DXM.