With the Leica Rugby 600 Series, Leica Geosystems further expands its strong portfolio of rotating lasers. All of the five models of the Rugby 600 Series offer a professional solution with an outstanding price-to-quality-ratio allowing quick levelling and aligning for general construction and interior applications eliminating costly errors, rework and downtime. The Rugby 600 Series lasers include the customer care package ‘PROTECT by Leica Geosystems’, which offers a life time warranty and a three year no cost period. Whether construction workers need to align formwork, level ceiling, set-out walls or check grades on constructions sites, the Rugby 600 series provide an easy user-friendly interface for straight-forward operation thus increasing customers’ productivity and efficiency on site.

Five tough construction laser models for all levelling and alignments tasks

The Leica Rugby 610 is a one-button laser that works perfectly for simple horizontal alignment tasks, the Rugby 620 adds a manual slope feature for matching existing grades. For quick and easy interior and exterior alignment works, the Rugby 640 is a perfect choice ; the multipurpose rotating laser includes Leica Geosystems’ exclusive “Scan 90” feature, beam down and power-saving sleep mode. The Rugby 670 and 680 are semi-automatic grade lasers providing continuous monitoring of the laser plane ensuring accurate performance over the course of the day.

Li-Ion for long operation times

The new generation of long-lasting Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries is extremely robust and allows more than 40 hours of operation per charge. The battery packs are interchangeable throughout the new Leica Rugby 600 Series.

Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, 3 years no cost

Customers will benefit from the unique PROTECT by Leica Geosystems service offered. The warranty covers the entire product lifetime and features free of charge repair or replacement for all products that suffer defects as a result of faults in materials or manufacturing. The 3 Year No Cost period includes the repair or replacement of all defective parts, labor time, adjustment and calibration.

Leica Rugby 610 rotating laser - One button simplicity
  • Simple and reliable, one button laser where no mistakes are possible
  • Superb performance with all Leica Rod Eye receivers – extend your working range using the Rod Eye 140 Classic and the Rod Eye 160 Digital

Leica Rugby 620 rotating laser - Simple and reliable – no mistakes possible
  • Concrete forming, pad placement and framework levelling; setting foundations and footings has never been more efficient
  • Slope matching up to 8% in single axis
Leica Rugby 640 rotating laser - Versatility inside and outside
  • Fit for any interior and exterior levelling, aligning and squaring application
  • Scan 90 – make layout easier by quickly moving the beam to the left or right side
  • Plumb Down – automatic and accurate plum down direction for alignment over a reference point
  • Sleep Mode – save battery and put the Leica Rugby into sleep mode without disturbing your set up
Leica Rugby 670 and 680 rotating laser - Slopes done easy
  • A great general construction laser with digital grade capability
  • Dial-in grade in single (670) or dual (680) axis, easy and fast at the touch of a button
  • The unique Smart Slope function continuously monitors time and temperature changes to ensure accurate performance over the course of the day

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