This fine optical theodolite was manufactured in Europe by Carl Zeiss, one of the most respected names in surveying and optics. In terms of specifications, it has much in common with the more well known Wild T16. It features a 30X telescope (with erect image), and both the horizontal and vertical circles can be read directly to 20", with estimation to 10"! The vertical index compensator provides an attainable leveling accuracy of plus-or-minus 3"! The horizontal and vertical circles are viewed simultaneously through the microscope and differing coloration helps avoid accidental confusion. This instrument also features a unique dome-type base (built-in) which greatly simplifies and speeds up rough leveling of the instrument. Fine tuning is then accomplished through the use of two smoothly operating knobs. In nice condition, with minor wear (no gouges, dents, etc.), and comes with original sturdy yellow case. Your price............sorry, it's SOLD!!!!!
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